Copyright – is one of the form of intellectual property protection which arises from the moment of creating a work as a result of the author’s creative activity.  The copyright includes property and non-property rights on the work itself. At the same time, the concept of related rights includes the rights to perform the work, video and audio recording, creation and use of phonograms. Moreover, the organization and direct broadcasting of the work on television or radio is also included in the concept of related rights.


Registration of the object gives opportunity to the creator to dispose of it as its own discretion, earning profits from the sale or transfer of the right of use to third parties. 


Official registration of copyright objects in Ukraine implies the issuance of a certificate of copyright registration for a work (computer program, copyright course, book, song, etc.). The certificate confirms direct possession of the intellectual property object.


The certificate implies the possibility of transferring the right to documented works to  children and relatives. The certificate can be transferred by signing a copyright transfer agreement or a licensing agreement.


Copyright is not limited territorially and has been applicable to every country in the world since the work was created. 


Advantages of copyright registration: 

  • Obtaining official proof of the rights to the work;

  • Simplifying the process of reissuing copyright by inheritance;

  • The possibility of transferring the copyright object to the company’s balance 

  • Prohibition to use the object of copyright by other;

The possibility of resolving copyright disputes.

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