Invention – intellectual property object. Innovative technical solutions and brand new products are included in this category.


What is considered an invention?

Technology, methods, manufacturing, etc.

Certain products, including devices, apparatus, etc.

Innovative solution of a previously known or slightly improved object, etc.


Discoveries, theories and rules for performing mental operations are excluded from the list of objects. Plant varieties and animal breeds, software and integrated circuit services, etc.

All the details and peculiarities of patent registration with clients stipulate Elbi lawyers.


Recognition of an object as an invention is possible if the technical solution has a whole set of qualities:

  • Novelty. A fundamentally new solution, concept, product has all chances of obtaining the official legal status of an invention. 
  • Industrial applicability – the ability to reproduce products while retaining all important qualities, parameters and characteristics. The ability of technical implementation in practice is determined
  • Inventive level – the created product must be unique, i.e. it is needed not to have obvious features and characteristics for the professional community (those specialists who work in special area). 


To obtain a patent is possible for the entire unit, spare part, mechanism, element. The object may also be the material used for manufacturing products. 

Invention patenting is a procedure that allows to ensure the protection of the created product at the level of the state. 


After completing the registration procedure, the inventor is granted the exclusive right to novelty for a period of 20 years. The countdown starts from the moment the application is officially submitted to the state authority.


Patent registration services

Knowing all the intricacies and peculiarities of the procedure, Elbi’s lawyers offer:

  • Comprehensive consultations in the area of intellectual property.
  • Conducting patent research.
  • Collection, preparation and submission of the documents.
  • Maintaining records and payment of relevant duties on behalf of the customer
  • Representing clients in the appropriate authorities 
  • Protection of intellectual property rights 

Attention! In countries where a patent has not been registered, the invention may be freely used by others. That is why lawyers of the Elbi agency suggest that patents should be registered simultaneously in different countries.



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