Industrial designs

An industrial design– is the result of creative work, an innovative solution regarding the specific object used by mankind.


The look, picture, shape and color design, a combination of shades or other features may act as an industrial design object. It may refer to an entire object as well as to a small part of it. 


Industrial designs may take three forms:

  • two-dimensional (labels, booklets, leaflets, fabrics, drawings, plans, schemes, etc.)

  • three-dimensional (boxes and packages, bottles and the look of various mechanisms, devices, in general form or only in a certain object), 

  • multidimensional (design, sets and kits, etc.). 

Features of the industrial design registration: 


To protect the look or innovative design solutions it is needed to register and obtain a corresponding document – a patent. It is issued for a definite period of time – 25 years.

Authors or legal successors (who have been granted the right according the law in force) can apply. The standard term for obtaining a patent is from 6-8 months from the date of filling the application. This period can be reduced to 2.5-3 months with an accelerated examination of the application. 

Design of the industrial design – what rights will the author get?

  • Dispose of rights – to use its own discretion, including assigning, selling, issuing a license to use, etc. 

  • Register in other countries, including the priority of the Ukrainian application. The patent issued on the territory of Ukraine is valid within the country. 

  • Protect design decision in case of violation of the rights 

  • Prohibit third parties from using works without the author’s permission 


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