Protection of intellectual property

Intellectual property, like other types of property, is subject of unlawful actions by other people. Due to this reason, protection of intellectual property rights in Ukraine and abroad is the most important point in resolving legal issues, both in court and in other state law enforcement agencies. 


Depending on the nature of the offence, protection is provided:

  • in an administrative order;
  • in court;
  • in a complaint procedure.

In order to define the strategy for the protection of intellectual property rights, Elbi’s lawyers carry out:

  • analysis of the fact that rights have been violated ;
  • determine all risks and opportunities in the case;
  • collect evidence base;
  • prepare a claim document for the infringer.

Also, depending on the situation in the case, lawyers make all procedural documents, conduct negotiations, represent the interests of the client at court sessions and accompany the client until the end of a conflict situation 



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