Intellectual property valuation

Intellectual property valuation – is a procedure for calculating the price of intangible products of activity. This procedure makes it possible to acquire, transfer and sell the rights of ownership of Intellectual Property with full understanding of its value. All types of intellectual property objects are subject to evaluation.


When is the valuation of intellectual property needed?


Mostly, the need for IP arises in the following cases: 

  • Sale of IP rights.
  • Understanding the amount of the fee for authorship 
  • Putting on the balance sheet of the company
  • Contribution to the share capital of the company
  • Calculation of franchises and other payments under license agreements
  • Development of proposals for credit communities, investors, etc.
  • Licensing and cost determination of the licensed product
  • Determination of damage in case of illegal actions in relation to IP

The valuation of intangible assets is not subject to a comparative approach. Therefore, it is impossible to perform this procedure quickly and simply. Based on many years of successful experience and professionalism, lawyers of the Elbi Agency provide a detailed report on IP valuation in accordance with the legal framework of Ukraine, national standards and international standards for valuation of intellectual property.


In carrying out this procedure, it is possible to achieve goals such as increasing the market value of an entity, reducing the amount of corporate income tax, determining the value in the purchase/sale of intangible assets, etc. 


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