Apple patented a pressure-sensitive secure keyboard

A pressure-sensitive secure keyboard has been developed by Apple MacBook Company, TechXplore reported it on April 3.


The new type of keyboard has a multi-layer design. The outer layer is metal. Underneath there are pressure-sensitive layers. The keyboard can be adjusted for different levels of mechanical impact.


The main purpose that the developers had in mind - increasing the durability of the keyboard. It will not be damaged by spilled liquid and falls from a height.


The same design solves the problem of tightness of the entire electronic device, such as a laptop, and protection of its internal components. This will eliminate the failure of the entire device due to failure of a single element - the keyboard.


The input system will be flexible enough to work and will be able to detect mechanical impacts and pressure on the keys by the user while working. For ease of use, the shape and size of these input devices can be modified and reconfigured to adapt to different types of electronic devices, hardware and software.


Apple's new MacBook input system for electronic devices is approved by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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