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We provide full patent and legal support in the area of intellectual property rights protection.

Each of our clients know that their tasks will be implemented as soon as possible.

The specialization of the agency allows to constantly keeping abreast of all the innovations of world practice in the area of intellectual property protection.

We provide reliability and confidence in the result to every client, regardless of the size of his business.


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  • Angry Birds VS Angry Chicken

    Even for people who don’t play mobile games, Angry Birds is immediately recognizable. While the franchise started out as an iOS app, it has since spawned games on major platforms, multiple films, a children’s show, cookbooks and even food products. The latter of these is playing a significant part in the brand’s recent Trademark Opposition against Angry Chicken.

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    Whether it’s in comic books, television or on the big screen, Marvel’s Venom has long been one of the most popular supervillains among fans. The alien bad guy usually faces off against Spider-Man, but it’s Spyder Active Sports that’s giving him problems these days. Marvel has filed a trademark opposition TTAB case against Spyder Active Sports’ trademark application for VENOM, so their “spidey sense” should be in overdrive.

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  • DJ Marshmello faces off against L’oreal over trademark

    Although the identity of electronic DJ Marshmello was initially shrouded in secrecy, the popular artist seems to have no qualms with stepping into the limelight over intellectual property issues. This was seen when a Notice of Opposition was filed against L’Oreal – the largest cosmetics provider in the world – over their application for registration of “The Marsh Mellow.”

    The filing with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) is still in its early stages, but the nuances of the case indicate this will be a newsworthy trial to watch unfold.

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